Riviera Airport

ALL, LIMG Albenga (SV), Italy

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Airport telephone +39 0182 582033 Detail type: Phone +39 0182 582033
Email ops@riviera-airport.it Detail type: Email ops@riviera-airport.it
Email info@riviera-airport.it Detail type: Email info@riviera-airport.it
Fax +39 0182 582924 Detail type: Fax +39 0182 582924
Website https://www.riviera-airport.it Detail type: Website https://www.riviera-airport.it

Airport Details

Operations Planning https://blog.flock.aero/all-limg-riviera-airport https://blog.flock.aero/all-limg-riviera-airport
Coordinates 44°02'45''N 008°07'32''E 44°02'45''N 008°07'32''E
Distance From City 7 KM west of the town of Albenga 7 KM west of the town of Albenga
Elevation 149 FT 149 FT
Fire Category CAT 5 CAT 5
Fuel Types JET A1, AVGAS 100LL JET A1, AVGAS 100LL
Runway Dimension 1432M x 45M 1432M x 45M
Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riviera_Airport https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riviera_Airport