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INTRODUCTION AND SERVICES OFFERED BY QUICK FLIGHT SUPPORT QFS IS AVAILABLE IN (HKJK/HKNW/HKMO/HKML/HKLU/HKEL/HKWJ/HKLK/HTDA/HTKJ/HUEN/DGAA/DFFD/DBBB/FGSL/DNMM/DNAA/FAOR/FALA/FACT/FNAM/HRYR/HSSJ/DIAP/DFFD/DXXX/GABS/GUCY/FLKK/HRYR/DRRN/DAAG/DAAT/GLRB/FCBB/ OTHER AIRPORTS WE ARE REPRESENTED. It's my pleasure to introduce our company to you and kindly inquire on the possibility of doing business with your esteemed company in Kenya and the rest of Africa in terms of permits and other flight support services that may be vital to your operations. We are the most competitive and more reliable company in Kenya since we are flexible and pocket friendly to most clients who keep coming to us without regret hence try us and you will leave smilling. Quick Flight Support is a reputable flight support company routinely involved in obtaining flight clearances for all types of flights (Corporate,Millitary Commercial, Charter, Private, Medevac, VIP…etc.) in Kenya and across the entire African continent at short notice. The scope of our services revolve around the following areas where we can be of value to your company: >Obtaining Over flight & Landing Permits in Kenya, Africa and beyond >Diplomatic Clearances >Charter Arrangements >Representation before Aviation & Airport Authorities >Ground handling and supervision >Local Safari Arrangements >Cargo handling >HOTAC >Fuel uplift arrangements >Meet and Assist >Ticketing and Flight reservations >Catering Arrangements >Aircraft Maintenance Facilitation. >Trip Planning WE WORK 24/7 IN ALL AIRPORTS IN KENYA AND REPRESENTED IN ALL AIRPORTS IN AFRICA WITH OUR STAFF AT HAND TO RECEIVE AND OFFER THE BEST. WE HAVE BEST PRICES FOR CLEARANCES(PERMITS) FOR OVF AND LANDING, IN CASE YOU OFFER US HANDLING PERMITS WILL BE FREE. CREDIT FACILITY IS AVAILABLE. Thank you in advance and we're really looking forward to work with your company.


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Aircraft Cleaning Catering Clearances & Documentation Crew Services Ground Handling Ground Transportation Passenger Services Security Services

Aircraft Cleaning Aircraft Maintenance Catering Clearances & Documentation Crew Services Fuel Ground Handling Ground Transportation Passenger Services Security Services

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