Country Code
Paraguayan Guaraní (PYG)
Map of Paraguay
Paraguay Directorate General of Civil Aeronautics
Telephone +59521 223 130 Detail type: Phone +59521 223 130
Email Detail type: Email
Email Detail type: Email
Fax +59521 213 406 Detail type: Fax +59521 213 406
Website Detail type: Website

Commercial Operations Requirements:
Overflight Permit: Yes
Traffic Landing Permit: Yes
Technical Landing Permit: Yes

Private Operations Requirements:
Overflight Permit: No, file flight plan
Traffic Landing Permit: No, file flight plan
Technical Landing Permit: No, file flight plan

Overflights: Application should submit at least 24hrs before the intended flight.
Landing: Application should be submitted 48hrs in advance.

Airports in Paraguay

Airport Name IATA ICAO City
Carlos Miguel Gimenez Airport PIL SGPI Pilar
Dr. Luis Maria Argaña International Airport ESG SGME Mariscal Estigarribia
Guarani International Airport AGT SGES Ciudad del Este
Juan De Ayolas Airport AYO SGAY Ayolas
Silvio Pettirossi International Airport ASU SGAS Asunción
Bahía Negra Airport BFA SGBN Bahía Negra
Bella Vista Sur Airport SGBA Colonia Doctor Pastor Obligado
Cabaña La Escondida Airport Cabaña La Escondida
Cerro Corá Airport Cerro Corá
Colonia Carmelo Peralta Airport Colonia Carmelo Peralta
Colonia Volendam Airport SGVO Villa del Rosario
Coronel Bogado Airport Coronel Bogado
Coronel Oviedo Airport SGOV Coronel Oviedo
Curuguaty Airport SGCU
Dr Augusto Roberto Fuster International Airport PJC SGPJ Pedro Juan Caballero
Dr Juan Plate Airport VMI Puerto Vallemi
El Retiro Airport El Retiro
Encarnación Airport ENO SGEN Encarnación
Estancia Buena Vista Airport Estancia Buena Vista
Estancia Coeyu Airport Estancia Coeyu