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Surinamese Dollar (SRD)
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Civil Aviation Safety Authority Suriname
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Airports in Suriname

Airport Name IATA ICAO City
Gross Rosebel Airstrip SMGR
Henri Alwies Airstrip SMHA
Jarikaba Airstrip SMJA Jarikaba
Kabalebo Airport SMKA Kabalebo
Kayser Airport SMKE Kayserberg
Kwamalasoemoetoe Airport SMSM Kwamalasoemoetoe Airport
Ladouanie Airport LDO SMDO Aurora
Langatabbetje Airstrip SMLT Langatabbetje
Lawa Anapaike Airstrip SMLA Anapaike
Lawa Antino Airstrip SMAN Benzdorp
Lelygebergte Airstrip SMLI Lelygebergte
Moengo Airstrip MOJ SMMO Moengo
Nieuw Jacobkondre Airstrip SMJK Nieuw Jacobkondre
Nieuw Nickerie Airport ICK SMNI Nieuw Nickerie
Oelemari Airport SMOL
Poeketi Airstrip SMPE Poeketi
Poesoegroenoe(Pusugrunu) Airstrip SMPG Poesoegroenoe
Ragoebarsing Airstrip SMRN Ragoebarsing
Ralleigh Airstrip SMRA Ralleigh
Rudi Kappel Airport SMTB Tafelberg