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Central African Cfa Franc (XAF)
Map of Chad
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Airports in Chad

Airport Name IATA ICAO City
N'Djamena International Airport NDJ FTTJ N'Djamena
Abeche Airport AEH FTTC
Faya Largeau Airport FYT FTTY
Moundou Airport MQQ FTTD
Abou-Deïa Airport AOD Abou-Deïa
Am Timan Airport AMC FTTN Am Timan
Aozou Airstrip
Ati Airport ATV FTTI Ati
Baïbokoum Airport Baïbokoum
Bardai Zougra Airport FTTZ Bardai Zougra
Biltine Airport FTTE Biltine
Bokoro Airport BKR FTTK Bokoro
Bol Airport OTC FTTL Bol
Bongor Airport OGR FTTB Bongor
Bousso Airport OUT FTTS Bousso
Doba Airport Doba
Fada Airport FTTF Fada
Goundi Airport Goundi
Goz-Beida Airport FTTG Goz-Beida
Haraze Airport Haraze