Country Code
Central African Cfa Franc (XAF)
Map of Congo
Congo Civil Aviation Authority
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Airports in Congo

Airport Name IATA ICAO City
Maya-Maya Airport BZV FCBB Brazzaville
Ngot Nzoungou Airport DIS FCPD Dolisie
Ouesso Airport OUE FCOU
Owando Airport FTX FCOO Owando
Oyo Ollombo Airport OLL FCOD Oyo
Pointe Noire Airport PNR FCPP Pointe Noire
Aubeville Airport FCBU Aubeville
Bangamba Airport FCPB Bangamba
Betou Airport BTB FCOT Betou
Bomassa Airport Bomassa
Boundji Airport BOE FCOB Boundji
Djambala Airport DJM FCBD Djambala
Ewo Airport EWO FCOE Ewo
Gamboma Airport GMM FCOG Gamboma
Gokango Airport FCMG Gokango
Impfondo Airport ION FCOI Impfondo
Irogo Airport FCMI Irogo
Kele Kibangou Airport FCMK Kele Kibangou
Kelle Airport KEE FCOK Kelle
Kibangou Airport FCPG Kibangou